Perry Pound, 2011, United States

Managing Director, Greystar - Los Angeles, CA 

Why I chose Fletcher: I chose to attend Fletcher because the greatest policy challenges we face are global in nature and thus transcend boundaries. The only hope for solutions must include cooperation among nations. It is vitally important that today's leaders have an international perspective, influential relationships, contacts in other nations and regions, and an understanding of global policy issues.

Something that has surprised me about Fletcher: I expected to learn a great deal in the classroom from some of the most renowned professors in the world. What I did not fully anticipate is how much I would learn from my fellow classmates. I now have Fletcher friends who are influential executives in the private sector and high-ranking officials in government and non-governmental organizations. The interactions and discussions I have had with my classmates have given me a much broader appreciation of the complexities of global policy.

Favorite book:

The Ascent of Finance, by Niall Ferguson 

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Global Finance

Favorite landmark:

The Grand Canyon

Most interesting person you have met at Fletcher:

An individual who ran the International Crisis Group in South Ossetia when Russia invaded Georgia.  She was the expert interviewed in The New York Times while we were in class together.

Fletcher alumnus you admire:

Walter Wriston, Chairman and CEO of Citibank

Fields of Study

  • International Finance & Banking
  • U.S. Foreign Policy

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, History, Pepperdine University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Site Acquisition Consultant, Recurrent Energy; Boston, MA/Los Angeles, CA
  • Development Director, Alliance Residential; Irvine, CA
  • Land Acquisition Director, JPI; Los Angeles, CA


  • Spanish
  • German
  • English

Summer Internship

  • Bank of Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX