Claudia Torrelli, 2010, Uruguay

On the flexibility of the curriculum: In an era of globalization, international relations as a discipline comprises a much broader realm than in the past. There is virtually no area without an international dimension. The Fletcher curriculum captures this wide range of issues, constituencies, processes and structures that shape the current world and provides students with the flexibility to take advantage of this diversity.

How I plan to use my experience at Fletcher to make a difference in the world: After my years at Fletcher deepening and expanding my theoretical horizon and reflecting thoroughly on my experience working in the emerging transnational civil society, I hope to go back to what drives my passion: contributing to Latin America's quest for sustainable development and working with others around the world to transform the current globalization process into one that benefits the majority of the world's people—without destroying the planet.

Fields of Study

  • International Political Economy
  • International Environment and Resource Policy

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, International Relations, De la República University, Montevideo, Uruguay

Experience before Fletcher

  • Redes, Friends of the Earth Uruguay (trade and sustainability program)
  • Hemispheric Social Alliance (Transnational Corporations and Human Rights in Latin America project)
  • Young Scholar-Activist Fellowship, Transnational Institute (Amsterdam)


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French