Tanay Tatum, 2017, United States

What class did you never imagine you would take? This semester my favorite course is Foundations in Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance with Professor Jacque. My background is in teaching and fundraising for nonprofits, so I had no prior exposure to this topic before the course. During our first Social Hour I met a second year student who recommended that I sit in on the course during “shopping day” in order to expose myself to important concepts in the private sector. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the first few classes, so I decided to enroll in the course. Professor Jacque is aware that many students in his class do not have finance backgrounds, and is always very patient and helpful as students learn these new concepts. I’ve enjoyed this course so much that I’ve decided to elect International Business Relations as one of my fields of study at Fletcher.

What led you to choose Fletcher? The Program Officer at the Department of State who oversaw my Fulbright Program in South Africa was a Fletcher alum. When I started my graduate school search I reached out to her to learn about possible programs. We talked about cultural nights and the diverse student body at Fletcher, and she described her experience at the school as two of the best years of her life. I spoke to alumni from all of the major IR graduate programs, but her response was by far the best endorsement of any program I heard.

Favorite twitter handle:


Favorite musician or band:

Stevie Wonder

Most pressing world issue:

Human trafficking

Most memorable international experience:

Building libraries in township schools in the Western Cape

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Recruitment efforts of violent non-state actors

Fields of Study

International Security Studies

International Business Relations

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Fletcher Social Investment Group

Fletcher Security Review

Education before Fletcher

BA, Africana Studies and Sociology - Vassar College

Experience before Fletcher

Team Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist - AIDS Walk New York, New York, NY, USA

English Teacher - Fulbright Program, Stellenbosch, South Africa

English Teacher - LenguaTec, Quito, Ecuador