Nicolette Roque, 2017, United States

Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton - Washington, DC

Why Fletcher? While working at the U.S. Southern Command (and contemplating what to do with my life), I frequently heard unbridled praise for the former Commander, Admiral (Ret.) James Stavridis, who had just become the Dean of The Fletcher School. His reputation as an innovator and influencer in the traditional military structure and his famously genuine interest in the people who worked for him deeply inspired me. After attending a lecture he gave at a local university on his vision for 21st-century security and hearing him speak so highly of Fletcher, I knew I wanted to be part of any organization that he was leading. I wanted to be a part of a school that created not only high caliber thinkers, but doers. Admiral Stavridis was the original reason why I chose Fletcher, but after intense internet research and a personal visit to the school, I found that Fletcher was chock-full of doers who will someday match or exceed the Dean's accomplishments. The school is different, hands down; it's not the diversity or the flexibility that truly brought me to Fletcher. It's the fact that this community is hardcore. They're not here to pad their resumes or stage themselves for the most lucrative jobs in the industry (though they may very well land them). They're not here to brag about their enviable and exotic past experiences. They're here to learn from each other, to dedicate their summer internships to unsexy NGO work in developing countries, and to form friendships based on a shared impetus to change the world. This hardcore network of doers, who have cemented their reputation for excellence in the U.S. federal government and beyond, is the reason why I chose Fletcher.

Fletcher is home to an acutely collaborative environment inside and outside of the classroom. That being said, group work is an integral part of Fletcher culture. In my undergraduate institution, I actively avoided group work. In my professional experience, I struggled to motivate my team and ended up working unilaterally more than I should have. But at Fletcher, I've learned the value and power of a strong team. After taking classes that forced me to work on group projects and to depend on study groups in order to complete assigned readings, I've developed better delegation and team building skills, while getting to know my classmates better. These skills, though obviously relevant in an academic setting, will be tools in my toolbox when I reenter the workforce.

On Fletcher's global perspective: The Fletcher experience has immeasurably broadened the way I look at the world. Before Fletcher, I limited myself to studying Latin America and Europe, because those were the only places I had traveled to and the only people with whom I had interacted. But after only a short time here at Fletcher, I've gauged Middle Eastern opinions on topics ranging from the Iran nuclear deal to snapchat stories, watched a Bollywood movie set in Cuba, and felt a kinship with people from places very far from me. It's crazy to think that I've had a more diverse experience in Medford, Massachusetts than in Miami, Florida, but it's true. Fletcher enabled me to expand my network across the globe and consider internships and jobs in regions of the world that I previously wondered if I'd ever see. Fletcher truly brings the world to your doorstep.

Favorite author:

Ernest Hemingway

Most rewarding trip:

Learning to surf and overcoming my fear of the ocean on the North Shore of Oahu

Most memorable international experience:

Climbing the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

The underestimated role of women in international security

Favorite Guest Speaker:

Angela Stent on her new book "The Limits of Partnership-US-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century"

Fields of Study

International Security Studies

Human Security

Activities involved in at Fletcher

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs

Global Women

Latin America Club

Diplomacy Club

Education before Fletcher

BA, Political Science - University of Miami

Experience before Fletcher

Public Private Partnership Coordinator - U.S. Southern Command, Miami, FL, USA

Multimedia Assistant - Women for Women International, London, England, UK