Cian McCarthy, 2017, Ireland

Researcher, The Institute of International and European Affairs - Dublin, Ireland

On Fletcher's personal and professional resources: The first thing that really attracted me to and impressed me about Fletcher was the helpfulness of the admissions staff. I had a lot of reservations about finances and the staff were really approachable and talked me through the many ways Fletcher and Tufts can help with funding and planning. It gave me some peace of mind, and the website and resources – such as the amazing Office of Career Services –convinced me that it's a worthy investment. I really believe that Fletcher is more dedicated to the development and success of each student than most other schools. The attitude of the professors and the wealth of resources for academic and career development are proof of this.

On the Fletcher Faculty: The classroom experience is one thing that surprised me the most when I started. Because of the prestige of the faculty here, I was expecting them to be more aloof and disinterested in individual students. I've already realized how far off I was. I really enjoy all of my classes so far, and each professor has their own strengths and personal charm. In "Diplomacy: History, Theory and Practice," I feel so lucky to be able to listen and talk with such a distinguished expert as Professor Henrikson. Then in "International Organizations Law," the professor is younger but has an amazing enthusiasm and a clear interest in each student, as well as impressive practical experience and knowledge of the subject.

Favorite magazine:

The New Yorker

Favorite author:

Haruki Murakami

Most rewarding trip:

Volunteering in Uganda

Most pressing world issue:

Gender inequality

Moment when you felt the furthest from home:

Opening a bank account in Japan

Fields of Study

International Organizations

International Information & Communication

Activities involved in at Fletcher

European Affairs Society

Diplomacy Club


Education before Fletcher

BA, Philosophy and Economics -Trinity College Dublin

Experience before Fletcher

Assistant Language Teacher, JET Programme, Fukui, Japan



Elementary Japanese