Vasundhara Jolly, 2017, India

Taking on New Challenges: Even though I had taken some Economics and Mathematics courses in my undergraduate career, I was certain that I would not be able to pursue the quantitative-intensive coursework required at Fletcher for the Economics fields of study, and thus feared those classes. But after speaking to several second years and faculty, I enrolled in Econometrics as well as Development Economics: Micro Perspectives in my first semester and I am really enjoying both courses. The environment is welcoming enough for a number-fearing person like myself to be able to embrace the quantitative aspects and enjoy it. Ultimately, the classes have helped me approach development questions with an analytical framework.

Being in the “Right Place”: I took the Design and Monitoring August pre-session course with Professor Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church. This was my first foray into learning the methodology of designing social programming, and I was amazed at the level of critical questioning that the Professor brought to the classroom. I think the moment she asked our class what differentiated international development work from colonialism, I knew I was in the right place – a place where difficult questions could be brought up, and embraced.

Favorite magazine:

Guernica, The Caravan

Favorite book:

Unabashedly, The Harry Potter series

Favorite food:


Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

The imbalance of aid distribution for NGOs in the developing world

Favorite location on campus:

Tisch Library Roof

Fields of Study

Development Economics

International Environment & Resource Policy

Education before Fletcher

BA, International Relations, Entrepreneurship - Tufts University

Experience before Fletcher

Development Associate - Human Rights Watch, New York, NY

William J. Clinton Fellow - American India Foundation, New Delhi, India

Project Consultant - Adharshila Trust, New Delhi India