Sherrie Hsu, 2017, United States

Why Fletcher? As I looked toward graduate school, I wanted to surround myself with people whose experiences would broaden my own outlook – whose stories would lend new angles to the way I perceive the world. I craved being in an internationally diverse environment where I would constantly learn from my peers and professors, inside and outside of the classroom. I wanted to be part of an academic community that fostered mutual respect, celebrated culture, and nurtured dialogue. During my undergraduate studies, I sometimes found it difficult to integrate my studies across disciplines. The MALD program offered me the opportunity to integrate my interests in different disciplines, as well as to share classes with students from other backgrounds and concentrations. I look forward to exploring the intersections of trade and development policy through my studies at Fletcher.

On the Fletcher Community: There’s a certain authenticity to the Fletcher community where people genuinely want to help each other out. This attitude is wonderfully contagious. Students appreciate the help that others give them, and they in turn reach out to others with the same generosity. I have been amazed by the sense of teamwork at Fletcher. Whether I can't find a classroom, need some help with class material, or want to practice my Chinese, I could ask for help and be greeted with a smile. The entire Fletcher community is cheering you on.

Favorite book:

All the Light We Cannot See

Favorite podcast:

This American Life

Favorite city:

Bruges, Belgium

Favorite landmark:

Kinderdijk windmills

Most rewarding trip:

Researching foreign aid policy in El Salvador

Fields of Study

International Trade & Commercial Policies

Development Economics

Activities involved in at Fletcher

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs

Fletcher Social Investment Group

Volunteer Admissions Interviewer

Education before Fletcher

BA, International Studies - University of Washington, Seattle, WA

BS, Economics - University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Experience before Fletcher

Regulatory Analyst - Bryant Christie Inc., Seattle, WA, United States