John Hering, 2017, United States

On the flexibility of the curriculum: The flexibility of the Fletcher curriculum allows me to cater my studies not only to my career ambitions but also to exploring my disciplines from different perspectives. The value of strategically blending courses that complement each other becomes immediately apparent when you begin your studies. Being able to take what I learn in Corporate Finance into my next class in Economics, and then to roll all of that knowledge into a class on International Trade Laws enriches my learning every day.

On Career Services: I have been impressed with the capabilities and diligence of the Career Services Office here at Fletcher. Beyond trying to simply match students with narrow career goals, Career Services seems committed to pushing students to critically analyze how their achievements and interests could translate to various careers they had not previously considered. As a result, while I still feel committed to and supported in the career goals I had walking into Fletcher, I now find myself exploring additional career paths I hadn't realized were available to me.

Favorite author:

John Steinbeck

Favorite movie:

Dr. Strangelove

Favorite landmark:

Old North Bridge, Concord, MA

Most pressing world issue:

Access to quality education, especially for marginalized populations across the globe

Most memorable international experience:

Wandering through Barcelona during an independence rally

Fields of Study

International Business Relations

Security Studies

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Fletcher Diplomacy Club

Fletcher Futbol

Education before Fletcher

BA, Political Science - Boston College

Experience before Fletcher

Instructional Specialist - Houston Independent School District, Houston, TX, USA

Instructional Coach - YES Prep Public Schools, Houston, TX, USA

5th Grade ESL Teacher - Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Magnet School, Houston, TX, USA