Harvey Lewis Beasley, Jr., 2010, United States

Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State - Sapporo, Japan

On the Classroom Experience:
My favorite was the Rise of China taught by professor Toshi Yoshihara. The class examines the resurgence of China and the implications its rise may have on the region and beyond from multiple perspectives. Fletcher's diverse student body, and the professor's teaching style, ensures that every class discussion is engaging. My classmates included Chinese diplomats, Korean Air Force personnel, and students from Japan. There were also Americans who have lived in East Asia, and the usual variety of other knowledgeable Fletcher students from a variety of locations and backgrounds. I also took The United States and East Asia with Professor Lee, which examines the interactions between the West and the East from a historical perspective. The two courses complemented each other very well.

Something that has surprised me about Fletcher: Despite the advanced warning that I had heard before enrolling, the flexibility of the Fletcher curriculum still surprised me. There are so many interesting courses that it is extremely difficult to select just four courses each semester. Many students chose to audit a fifth Fletcher course, or even one of the many language courses offered at Tufts. In addition, there are also options to spend a summer or semester studying abroad. A degree at Fletcher really is what you choose to make of it.

Fields of Study

  • Pacific Asia
  • United States

Education before Fletcher

  • BS, Computer Information Systems and BA, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Indiana University Bloomington

Experience before Fletcher

  • IT Project Management, General Electric
  • Technical Translation (Japanese to English), Gold Coast Productions


  • English
  • Japanese

Summer Internship

  • U.S. Embassy, Public Affairs Office, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania