Colin Steele, 2018, United States

On the MALD: Like many Fletcher students, I considered several options before choosing a MALD. With an undergraduate degree in international relations and an interest in governance and the public sector, programs in IR, law, or dual degrees with a particular policy focus were all attractive options. What ultimately sold me on Fletcher was the opportunity to integrate each of those fields into one degree program that I could tailor to my needs and interests, and to pursue that degree as a member of a community with such richly varied skills, interests, and passions. Now in my second year, I couldn't be happier with this choice. I have deepened my studies in international relations, been exposed to business and the law, and — most importantly — made the most of Fletcher's flexible curricular structure to integrate all three fields in line with my interests. The more I study here, the more I discover how ideas from one field can help address questions in another, and the more I'm persuaded that the complexity of today's challenges requires this kind of flexibility. Best of all, with no two people having the same background or interests, the close-knit Fletcher community provides an education in itself.

A favorite class: My favorite class in my first year was Prof. Antonia Chayes's course on civil-military relations. Professor Chayes is a scholar, a practitioner, and a mentor — exactly the kind of faculty I hoped to be able to work with at Fletcher. As a civilian in security studies (and a citizen reading the newspapers), the subject matter of the course is central to my studies at Fletcher; in my second year, I have been fortunate to remain involved with the course as a TA. The course also exemplifies the unique value of a Fletcher education, in that it blend's Prof. Chayes's own academic and professional expertise with the experience of the civilian and military members of the class. With lawyers, civilians, and junior and senior military officers in the room, I look forward to an enriching class discussion each week.

Favorite website

The Strategy Bridge (; see especially their Monday Musings series)

Favorite movie

Des Hommes et des Dieux ("Of Gods and Men")

Moment when you felt the furthest from home

Lost in the bazaar of Damascus after dark

Fletcher alumnus you admire

One you likely know already: Ambassador Barbara Bodine; one you should know: Kaitlyn Neuberger (MALD 16)

Most interesting person you’ve met at Fletcher

Collectively, the military fellows are an impressive group and a tremendous resource to the student body. In addition to being senior officers who have been there and done that, they are genuinely high-quality people. We learn so much from each other.

Fields of Study

International Security Studies

Global Maritime Studies

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Fletcher Forum

Fletcher Arctic Initiative

Fletcher Maritime

Fletcher Students in Security

Education before Fletcher

BSFS, Culture and Politics, Georgetown University

Experience before Fletcher

Special Assistant to the VP for Global Engagement, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Volunteer Literacy Specialist/Reading Teacher, Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest/AmeriCorps, Omak, WA

Summer Internship

1) Editorial intern and social media manager, War on the Rocks, Washington, DC

2) Graduate Assistant, The Fletcher School: Dean's Office/Office of Student Affairs, Medford, MA