Danielle Robinson, 2016, Jamaica

Why I chose Fletcher: There are many reasons why I chose Fletcher: the flexibility of the curriculum, the emphasis on interdisciplinary study, and the vast array of employment opportunities. However, while at the Fletcher Accepted Students event in Washington, DC earlier this year, a recent alumnus said the following: “All of the top schools in international affairs will offer you a quality education; only at Fletcher will you also have a quality experience.” Fletcher offers a diverse student population that is collaborative, not competitive. Our world-class faculty members are eager to teach us in the classroom and prepare us for careers outside these Fletcher walls. The Fletcher alumni network is one of the strongest – and warmest – in the world. In addition to equipping me with the theoretical foundation, specialized knowledge and practical tools necessary to pursue a career as a development practitioner, I knew that coming to Fletcher would connect me with the engaging and accomplished individuals who form the heart and soul of the Fletcher community.

What has surprised me about Fletcher: I knew that coming to Fletcher meant being a member of a student body that boasts a myriad of personal backgrounds and global perspectives, many of which may be in conflict with one another. What has surprised me most about my experience at Fletcher is the mutual respect that is the cornerstone of all Fletcher interactions. I have never seen such friendly disagreements, where parties on each side are truly willing to hear opinions they do not share. Discussions, debates, and arguments are passionate and thought-provoking. Most important, however, is that they are always based on the mutual understanding that everyone in the community has a unique outlook and, thus, makes a valuable contribution to the Fletcher narrative.

Favorite magazine

The Atlantic

Favorite book
Harry Potter series

Favorite musician/band
John Legend

Favorite city

Favorite guest speaker
Deogratias "Deo" Niyizonkiza and Tracy Kidder

Fields of Study

  • Human Security
  • International Information and Communication

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Ralph Bunche Society for Diversity in International Affairs
  • International Development Group
  • Fletcher Global Women
  • Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, University of Pennsylvania

Experience before Fletcher

  • Coordinator, Research and Publication, SlashRoots Foundation, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Legal Assistant, Jennings, Strouss & Simon PLC, Washington, DC
  • Program Intern, Institute of Caribbean Studies, Washington, DC


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Modern Greek
  • Jamaican Patois