Feng Lu, 2016, China

On the number of options: I was surprised that as a graduate school of 500 students, Fletcher offers nearly two hundred different courses each semester, and allows us to take classes at Harvard, MIT and other universities. If you are a curious person like who has not decided which field to specialize in yet, Fletcher is the best place to experience and explore. More importantly, students from different fields, as well as faculty, are ready to encourage you and help you find your interest, and develop your own path.

On Campus life: Students are the most exciting part of Fletcher. If you are interested in the food of any country, come to the Blakeley kitchen and you will find it. If you plan to go to anywhere of the world, you can always find someone who has been there and can share your their experience and tips. If you like sports, singing, dancing, or running, there is always someone at Fletcher who shares your interest and willing to do that with you. Everyone comes from a different background, and has different aspirations. It is the most diverse community that I have ever experienced in my life! And everyone is supportive and willing to share. They are the most valuable resource that I will learn from at Fletcher.

Favorite movie:


Favorite food:

Hotpot, Sushi

Favorite musician or band:

Bruno Mars, Jam Hsiao

Most memorable international trips:

Baghdad, Iraq, and Juba, South Sudan

Global Issue or problem that brought you to Fletcher:

Foreign aid policies in Africa

Fields of Study:

  • Development Economics
  • International Business Relations

Activities involved in at Fletcher:

  • International Business Club
  • Africana Club
  • Fletcher Runners

Education before Fletcher:

  • BA, Arabic, Beijing International Studies University

Experience before Fletcher:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Attache


  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • English