Eric Jospe, 2015, Canada

Why Fletcher: I chose Fletcher because of its renowned academic environment that is at the same time extremely demanding and supportive. In our classes, we are constantly forced to challenge our own assumptions about the way we think about problems and the appropriate responses to them. Our professors teach us innovative ways of approaching global issues and set high standards for our work. Outside of the classroom social hours, active student organizations, and daily lectures, panels, and discussions on every hot topic in international affairs compete for our attention. Most importantly, our classmates are what make the experience so rewarding. Being able to discuss armed conflicts with veterans, diplomacy with diplomats, legal issues with lawyers, and regional issues with people from every region has been enlightening. I have yet to meet a fellow student who is not fascinating, driven, and able to teach me something new about issues I care about.

One thing that has surprised me: One thing that has surprised me about Fletcher is how approachable the professors are. While I am at times intimidated by the intelligence and accomplishments of the faculty, they have turned out to be incredibly friendly, engaging, and above all, interested in giving their students the best possible learning experience. It is not uncommon to hear about students attending a certain professors' office hours just to chat about a topic that interests them, or to get career advice about a particular field. Some faculty members will even host social hours for their classes to get to know their students. The result is that students feel comfortable speaking up and are confident that their voices will be heard.

Favorite magazine:

Jeune Afrique

Favorite Twitter feed:


Favorite book:

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Favorite website:

International Relations as Depicted by Cats

Favorite city:


Fields of Study:

  • Development Economics
  • Self Designed - Democratization and Governance

Activities involved in at Fletcher:

  • The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs
  • WILD

Education before Fletcher:

  • BA, International Relations, University of British Columbia  

Experience before Fletcher:

  • Zidisha, Inc., Impact Assessment Intern, Nairobi/Kenya
  • Africa Bureau, Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Desk Officer, Ottawa/Canada


  • French
  • Spanish
  • English