Humaira Hansrod, 2015, USA & Mauritius

On the diversity of the community: This is one of the most diverse institutions I've visited, and I studied at one of the most diverse colleges in the US (City College of NY). The students not only come from geographically diverse areas of the world but from a variety of fields and experiences. I learn so much from my extraordinary peers at Fletcher and that itself has become a key component of my Fletcher experience.

On the Fletcher network and alumni: Fletcher alumni are some of the most helpful and happy alumni I've encountered, even when I ran into them by accident. I was in Oman when I was applying to Fletcher, and out there in a desert country few people have ever been to (or heard of), I met former Fletcher students who enthusiastically talked about the school and life. If not for the support and encouragement from some of those alumni, I probably wouldn't have chosen to be here.

Favorite newspaper:

New York Times

Favorite book:

The Forty Rules of Love

Favorite author:


Most memorable international experience:

Hiking Mount Sinai in the Egyptian peninsula at three in the morning just to see the sunrise.

Global Issue or problem that brought you to Fletcher:

Women's empowerment

Fields of Study:

  • Human Security
  • Law and Development

Education before Fletcher:

  • BA, Economics, Political Science (double major), City College of NY

Experience before Fletcher:

  • IIE/US Dept. of State, Fulbright Researcher, Oman
  • City College of New York, Teaching Assistant, Model United Nations, New York City


  • French
  • Mauritian Creole
  • Urdu
  • Arabic
  • English