Erik English, 2015, USA

On the curriculum: I was initially drawn to Fletcher because of the versatility of the curriculum. This allows me to be more creative and focus on classes that are most relevant to my interests. Since I am focusing on renewable energy in emerging markets, it is critical for me to study overall environmental issues, the implicated policies, and the financial circumstances that surround these issues. The freedom to take classes most relevant to all of these varied subjects makes for an incredibly enriching curriculum with passionate and experienced faculty. Finding effective and sustainable solutions requires multilateral cooperation, as well as a refined understanding of a great deal of contributory factors that transcend the traditional notions of expertise. That is why I chose The Fletcher School.

On networking at Fletcher: While attending my first social hour at Fletcher, I described my future career goals to a friend. I also mentioned that I was hoping to intern in China this summer and work on renewable energy and environment policy. At this point, my friend turned around, grabbed a second-year student, and introduced us. It turns out he had worked in the same industry, was writing his thesis on an issue very relevant to my interests, and was very eager to speak more about my career goals. We exchanged contact information and are hoping to coordinate on our theses and assist each other professionally down the road.

Favorite magazine:

The Economist

Favorite blog:

Favorite Twitter feed:


Favorite author:

Salman Rushdie

Favorite landmark:

Hagia Sofia

Fields of Study:

  • International Business Relations
  • International Environment and Resource Policy

Activities involved in at Fletcher:

  • The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs
  • Fletcher Runners
  • Fletcher China Studies Society

Education before Fletcher:

  • BA, English and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oregon

Experience before Fletcher:

  • Next Step Living, Inc., Finance Consultant, Boston, MA, USA
  • United States Peace Corps, Education Volunteer, Klouekanme, Benin


  • French
  • Fon
  • English