Eirik Torsvoll, 2014, Norway

Why I chose Fletcher: Out of all the places I considered for graduate school, the Fletcher School most closely matched what I was looking for in a school of international affairs. First and foremost, the range, depth, and freedom of study offered at Fletcher attracted me to the school. This included delving into topics in my field of interest such the history of American foreign relations, U.S. grand strategy, and U.S.-China relations. I also wanted the opportunity to expand upon these interests by exploring new, but correlated, research areas, such as executive decision-making and policy analysis. I've found these opportunities and more at Fletcher. Furthermore, I really love the location of the school. It offers the perfect mix of an academic surrounding that allows the time and space to reflect, but also is relatively close to the vibrant city of Boston and the political scene in Washington, D.C. The location also allows me more time to interact with my amazing classmates, as we're not lost in the hustle and bustle of a big city when we leave the classroom.

Describe Campus Life: Living at Blakeley Hall, the campus life at Fletcher is an especially immersive experience. Blakeley is situated right next to Fletcher, and therefore it becomes an extension of the Fletcher experience. Here, classroom discussions merge with a lively social scene. My favorite place to hang out at Blakeley is the communal kitchen where there's always someone cooking up a meal and looking to share a conversation (and food, if I’m lucky).

Favorite magazine:

Foreign Policy

Favorite city:

Oslo, Norway

Most pressing world issue:

The U.S. response to the rise of China

Most interesting person you’ve met at Fletcher:

A navy helicopter pilot who has flown numerous special operations missions

Fletcher alumnus you admire:

Thomas R. Pickering

Fields of Study

  • Pacific Asia
  • International Security Studies

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Students in Security
  • Diplomacy Club
  • ASEAN Society

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Oslo

Experience before Fletcher

  • Information Officer, Norwegian Atlantic Committee, Oslo, Norway

  • Trainee, Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Houston, Texas


  • Norwegian
  • English