Christina Brown, 2014, United States

Why I chose Fletcher: When I was deciding between attending a single discipline program and the multi-disciplinary approach at Fletcher, I looked into the educational backgrounds of a variety of leaders at organizations that I am interested in working for. Countless senior level people at the forefront of development work not only had a multi-disciplinary degree, but they also attended Fletcher! After attending the Admitted Students event, I was convinced that Fletcher was where I wanted to spend the next two years. There was simply a wonderful sense of community, something that cannot be captured in brochures or statistics. Everyone knew one another, and was eager to learn as much as they could from each other. It was apparent that the students, professors, and staff were happy to come to work each day.

My Plans to Make a Difference in the World After Fletcher: Prior to enrolling at Fletcher, I knew that I wanted to work in international development in Sub-Saharan Africa. What’s interesting is that my coursework is showing me how many shades of grey exist in development work. It is natural in development to want to "do something," but I am developing the skills to think carefully and critically about the decisions we make, to be analytical, to understand the costs and benefits of every decision, and to learn from those who have come before us. Through my studies and research, I hope to gain the skills to be able to contribute to development through rigorously evaluating projects to ensure we make the biggest gains possible.

Favorite movie:

Love Actually

Favorite food:


Favorite city:

Venice, Italy

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Improving access to human capital in developing countries

Most pressing world issue:

Gender inequality, especially in education

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (Self-designed)

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Development Group
  • Harvard Law and International Development Society
  • Africana Club
  • Global Women

Education before Fletcher

  • M. Ed. Boston University
  • BA, Political Science; Physics, University of California, Lost Angeles

Experience before Fletcher

  • Health Educator, One Heart Source, Michamvi, Tanzania

  • High School Teacher,Teach for America, Chelsea, MA


  • Spanish
  • English