Luiz Guilherme Vieira, 2013, Brazil

Why I chose Fletcher:  I chose Fletcher because I wanted to be a part of a program where I was more than just another person in a crowd. At Fletcher, people remember your face, your name, where you’re from and where you previously worked. Professors are leaders in their fields, and it is common for them to expand upon a case with an experience they had somewhere around the world. I recently read a paper regarding economic reforms in an African country, and it just so happens that the Minister of Finance that implemented the reforms is now a professor at Fletcher! 

How Fletcher has broadened my global perspective: Before arriving at Fletcher, I was determined to focus my studies on Latin America. After only a few weeks here, I realized that the development economics field is so rich and has so much to offer that I can't see myself picking a regional concentration anymore. If I want to be a successful practitioner, I need to broaden my perspectives and study the best practices in other regions around the world in order to better understand the challenges that face Latin America. It’s interesting to learn about the lessons that the region can draw from Africa and Asia, both for the worst and for the best.

Favorite Blog:

Aid Watchers (

Favorite Food:

Feijoada (Brazilian traditional rice, beans and pork dish)

Global Problem That Brought You to Fletcher:

Poverty in Latin America

Fletcher Alumnus You Admire:

Pamela Cox

Best Place to Study:

Student lounge

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
    International Monetary Theory and Policy
    International Organizations

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Development Club
    Law and International Development Society (LIDS)
    Fletcher United Nations Club
    Fletcher Fútbol

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, International Relations, Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado

Experience before Fletcher

  • Rubens Barbosa & Associados, Associate - São Paulo, Brazil
    Fundación Ethos, Researcher - Mexico City, Mexico
    Nupri-USP (International Relations Research Center at University of São Paulo), Research Assistant - São Paulo, Brazil


  • Portuguese