Nachama Rosen, 2013, United States

On the classroom experience: So far I have taken two international law classes at Fletcher. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have taken any type of law course. Due to the Fletcher breadth requirement of taking one such course, I decided to sit in on a few during the first week of classes to get a sense of what they were all about. It was great! The classes do an excellent job of describing the practicalities and showing the necessity and interconnectedness of law to all aspects of international affairs, from business all the way to development and conflict resolution. These classes have given me a new lens with which to analyze and conceive of solutions to the current issues facing today’s international actors. Lastly, the professors are excellent and make the material accessible and understandable to non-lawyers while encouraging participation and exploration of the ideas and concepts discussed in class.

Something that has surprised me about Fletcher: One thing that has surprised me about Fletcher is the amazing buddy program. Second-year students volunteer to become buddies with incoming first-years, showing them the ropes, answering their questions (in my case millions of questions), providing tips and sharing insider knowledge about how to navigate the ins and outs of your Fletcher experience. The buddies not only answer your school questions, but provide a friendly face in the hall amongst the sea of new people during the first few weeks on campus. This really starts to help create a sense of community and connection to the school.

Favorite Magazine:


Favorite Book:

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Favorite Author:

Oscar Wilde

Favorite Movie:

The Usual Suspects

Favorite City:


Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
    International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    Law and Development

Summer Internship

Program Evaluator - Bridgeway Group, Bujumbura, Burundi

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Political Risk Forum
    International Business Club
    International Development Club
    International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Political Science, Barnard College, Columbia University

Experience before Fletcher

  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General, Program Analyst - Washington, DC
    Edelman, StrategyOne, Media Analyst/Contractor - Washington, DC


  • Hebrew