Beatriz Navarro, 2013, Mexico

Deputy Attaché of the Mexican Ministry of Finance at the Embassy in the U.S.

On the classroom experience:
Media and Conflict Resolution is a class I chose to take in my first semester. I was originally debating between continuing to focus on law courses or try something new; I am glad I decided on something new. It has been great to learn more about the media’s impact on a society and its relationship with power. It has changed my way of understanding what I read in the news every day. As a Mexican, I’m concerned about the violent situation currently in my country, and this class provides me with the idea that an organized society can have an impact on the decisions of government and also that we can understand the tool of media as a path to peace.

How Fletcher has broadened my global perspective: One day I was having a coffee in Mugar Café,  and at some point an incredible woman from Iran (my classmate) starts talking me about the importance of human rights. I know we all agree that human rights are important, but ones perspective changes when talking about this with someone who actually risked her life to defend those freedoms. Another woman joined our conversation, she was Bosnian, and shared her post-war experience with us. There I was, having a conversation with about different issues in different countries, and sharing my experiences about Mexico. Everything is connected, and when you start to discuss different realities you learn that what happened in one country can be a lesson for another, and vice versa. Being at Fletcher has made me realize that I am not just a citizen of Mexico, but a truly global citizen.

Favorite Book:

The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

Favorite Author:

Milan Kundera

Favorite Food:


Favorite Band:

Cafe Tacuba

Favorite Cities:

Firenze, Paris, Mexico, New York!

Fields of Study

  • International Information and Communication
    International Security Studies

Summer Internship

Short Term Consultant (STC) - World Bank Financial Market Integrity Unit, Washington DC

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • President of the Latin American Club
    Fletcher Debating Society
    International Communications Club

Education before Fletcher

  • LLB, Law, Instituto Autónomo de México (ITAM)

Experience before Fletcher

  • Mexican Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Deputy Director, International Coordination of the Head Office – Mexico City, Mexico
    Mexican Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Office of the Chief of Staff,Technical Secretariat – Mexico City, Mexico
    Mexican Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Deputy Director of Regulatory Matters and Domestic Affairs, Financial Intelligence Unit – Mexico City, Mexico


  • Spanish