Kyle Muther, 2013, United States

On the diversity of the school: The diversity of the community at Fletcher continually amazes me. As Fletcher's curriculum is very interdisciplinary, you will meet students from the private, public, non-profit and everywhere in between. You will meet students that have extremely different backgrounds, from having worked for a major investment bank on Wall Street to distributing Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) for refugees in Darfur. Having conversations with such a diverse group really helps you see how many different approaches and perspectives are needed to truly create social change. Pretty much every International issue has an economic, legal, social, and political component, and being able to navigate how one change in an area affects another is critical to understanding how change occurs. Lastly, being able to work with people from so many different backgrounds will help you work in teams, a very valuable skill in the real world.

How I first learned about Fletcher: I first learned about Fletcher through a colleague at a non-governmental organization in Washington, DC. He raved about all of the great students and professors he met while at Fletcher, and one afternoon I was able to meet up with some of his friends. They all had great things to say about Fletcher and had very interesting jobs in Washington, DC (quite appealing in this economy). The strong sense of community I saw through them impressed me; it continued with them even after graduation. After attending the admitted student reception in Washington DC, I was hooked. I enjoyed all of the conversations that I had with people there, and I knew Fletcher was the place I wanted to be.

Favorite Book:

The God of Small Things

Favorite Blog:

The Onion

Favorite Website:

Favorite City:

Hong Kong (travel), San Francisco (live)

Fletcher Alumnus You Admire:

Satish Jah

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
    Humanitarian Studies
    International Business Relations

Summer Internship

Mercy Corps, Social Innovations, AgriFin Mobile - Jakarta, Indonesia

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Microfinance
    Harvard Law and International Development Society
    International Development
    Social Business Club

Education before Fletcher

  • MA, International Relations, University of St. Andrews

Experience before Fletcher

  • La Clinica del Pubelo, Project Officer - Washington, D.C
    EcoVentures, Enterprise Research Fellow - Washington D.C
    Yanapuma Foundation, Projects Coordinator - Quito, Ecuador


  • Spanish