Bret McEvoy, 2013, United States

Why I chose Fletcher: My undergraduate path was rather disjointed. I changed schools, took a year off, went abroad, and never quite found my way until graduation was upon me. I didn’t know myself well enough to make an informed decision about where I ought to be. As a consequence, I spent those five years in four different places. Although a struggle, this persistent lack of clarity pushed me onto a path of self-discovery. It wasn’t always smooth, but over time my choice of direction began to align itself with my interests and aspirations. I chose Fletcher because it’s me. I know this in a way that I never knew about a school prior.  It’s global, yet connected; experienced, yet reflective; informal, yet professional; wide-eyed, yet focused. I chose Fletcher because it is a community of people that, like me, thrive in each other’s diversity. 

How Fletcher has broadened my global perspective: My peers are extraordinary. You know when you’re out at a typical party but then stumble upon a conversation with someone who’s done something fascinating, and it just changes your night?  Those kinds of conversations kept happening to me during orientation. It actually happened so often that the extraordinary started to sound ordinary. I quickly snapped out of it, but I think it’s descriptive of my experience here: only at Fletcher will working with refugees in East Africa or counseling HIV/AIDS patients in rural India start to sound ‘normal.’

Favorite Book:

The Brothers Karamazov

Favorite Movie:

3 Idiots

Favorite Website:

Favorite City:

Istanbul or Beirut

Most Rewarding Trip:

Pilgrimage around the holy site of Mt. Kailash, Tibet

Fields of Study

  • Human Security
    Public International Law

Summer Internship

Research Assistant to Professor Dyan Mazurana - Lira, Uganda

Participant - Course on the 'Documentation of Scenes of War Crimes and Human Rights Violations' at the Institute for International Criminal Investigations (IICI) - The Hague, Netherlands

Fellow - 'Japan Travel Program for U.S. Future Leaders', The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) - Tokyo/Sendai/Hiroshima/Kyoto, Japan

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Tufts Refugee Assistance Program
    Fletcher Mentors
    Jessup Moot Court

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Government (Comparative Politics), German, Bowdoin College

Experience before Fletcher

  • AmeriCares India Foundation, Deputy Director - Mumbai, India
    AmeriCares, Emergency Response Manager – United State and Haiti


  • Spanish
  • German