Audrey Donkor, 2013, Ghana

Why I chose Fletcher:  l chose Fletcher because I knew it would provide the best training for my future. The School offers so many classes that interest me, and I only get to choose 16! The courses are taught by professors with amazingly rich field experiences, and they bring the classroom discussions to life. Lastly, l was extremely impressed by the diverse student population and knew I would meet such a great group of people. Being at Fletcher keeps me excited every day.

On the classroom experience: My favorite class is Processes of International Negotiations. My professor is extremely efficient and quite interesting. During each meeting, we have simulations which help us imbibe the principles we are taught. It is great fun!

Favorite Book:

Master of the Game

Favorite Movie:

The Sound of Music

Favorite Food:

Banku and Shito with Tilapia

Favorite Landmark:

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum in Ghana

Fletcher Alumnus You Admire:

Shashi Tharoor

Fields of Study

  • Human Security
    International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Club
    International Law Society
    Fletcher Sportsman's Club
    Africana Student Group
    Fletcher United Nations Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BS, Psychology, University of Ghana

Experience before Fletcher

  • Galaxy International School, Counselor- Accra, Ghana
    SAS Finance Group, Analyst, Accounts Officer - Accra, Ghana
    Merchant Bank(Gh) Ltd., National Service Person, Clearing Unit - Accra, Ghana


  • Twi