Artin Afkhami, 2013, United States

Freelance Journalist and Translator - Doha, Qatar

Why I chose Fletcher:  I chose Fletcher because of its impressive faculty, strong student support system, and diverse student body. In analyzing schools, I knew that I wanted to work with professors Vali Nasr, Richard Schultz, and Daniel Drezner. That was really important because though other schools also have impressive faculty, they do not match Fletcher in accessibility. I got my first choice of student advisor and have met many times with Dr. Nasr since school began. The student support system has also been excellent as my orientation guide has given crucial advice on what classes to take and how to balance my job with school. Finally, the diverse student body makes the social scene very exciting as I've deeply connected with people from across the globe.

On Fletcher’s international community: As a native Californian who has lived and worked in multiple cities internationally, diversity is very important. Fletcher's diversity stands out because international viewpoints are prevalent both inside and outside of class. I've experienced Pakistani newspaper editors discuss Pakistan's viewpoint about international security, Korean and Japanese diplomats raising their nation's perspectives in study group, and more. Socially, I have been to cultural events of multiple nations and enjoyed connecting over common interests.

Favorite Blog:

The Stone (The New York Times' philosophy blog)

Favorite Movie:

The Battle of Algiers

Favorite Food:

Pad Thai

Favorite Landmark:

Ancient ruins in Persepolis, Iran

Global Problem That Brought You to Fletcher:

America's future Middle East policy


Fletcher Capstone

  • The legality of drone strikes under international laws of war and US national security law

Fields of Study

  • International Political Economy
    International Security Studies

Summer Internship

New York Times, Foreign Desk - New York City, NY

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Debating Society
    Fletcher Forum
    Fletcher Students in Security Studies
    Iran Working Group & Mediterranean Club
    Fletcher Human Rights Group

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Middle Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Experience before Fletcher

  • The New York Times, Iran Researcher - Washington, DC
    Princeton University, Iran Researcher - Washington, DC
    Office of US Senator Dianne Feinstein, Foreign Policy Intern - Washington, DC


  • Persian