Amelia Hight, 2012, United States

On the international life I see for myself after Fletcher: I am particularly interested in the role of the international community in preventing and managing conflict and how various actors at the local, regional, and international levels interact in these processes. Ultimately, I plan to pursue a career in a research institute or non-governmental organization that has the ability to influence policy decisions at the international level.

How Fletcher has broadened my global perspective: Before coming to Fletcher, I was aware that the student and faculty were very diverse. What I didn’t realize was that I would be challenged, both in and out of my classes, by this diversity. At Fletcher you are constantly exposed to opinions that may be different from your own, which leads you to see the world from very different perspectives. I truly enjoy having the opportunity to learn from my fellow students, and I benefit from the broad diversity of experiences and backgrounds represented in the student body and faculty at The Fletcher School.

Favorite newspaper:

The Guardian

Favorite book:

Omnivore's Dilemma

Favorite city:

Taos, New York City, Stone Town

Favorite landmark/site:

Chaco Canyon, Angkor Wat, Table Mountain

Most rewarding trip:

Research in the provinces of Cambodia

Fields of Study

  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • International Security Studies

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs
  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club
  • Africana Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Political Science/International Relations, Scripps College

Experience before Fletcher

  • SSRC, Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum, Africa Program Assistant - New York
  • United Nations Peace and Security History Series, Research Assistant - New York
  • Asylum Access, Thailand Legal Aid Program Associate - San Francisco


  • French
  • English

Summer Internship

  • Search for Common Ground - Kigali, Rwanda