Camila Gonzalez, 2012, Colombia

Why I chose Fletcher: I chose Fletcher because of the ability I have to design my own educational experience. Two years of graduate school go by very quickly, and I want to take the most out of this experience by choosing my courses in a way that is both comprehensive and fulfilling. Fletcher is the perfect place to study my various interests in business, economic development, energy and the environment, violence and conflict. This is a stimulating and challenging learning environment where one builds strong skills, understands important concepts, and learns how to apply solutions to real world challenges. What I find most fascinating is that you get the chance to really develop a world view through meaningful interactions with other students. While each student has their own unique perspective, we all share the common objective of generating new ideas from which to creatively solve world problems.

Something that has surprised me about Fletcher: Something that has surprised me about Fletcher is how effectively the entire community is able to transmit a special quality of Fletcher that is very hard to explain. Some say that there is “something in the air" here. There might as well be; when you meet students, alumni, faculty and staff they all have quite a contagious glow.

Favorite magazine:

El Malpensante

Favorite movie:

El Otoño del Patriarca

Favorite movie:

Lost in Translation

Most rewarding trip:

Machu Picchu (Inca trail)

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Poverty and inequality

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
  • International Environment and Resource Policy

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Latin America Group

Education before Fletcher

  • Industrial Engineering, Los Andes University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Ecopetrol, New Business Development Leader - Bogota, Colombia
  • SAR Energy, General Manager - Bogota, Colombia
  • Invercolsa, Operations Director - Bogota, Colombia


  • Spanish
  • English