Jason Gelbort, 2012, United States

How I learned about Fletcher: I first learned about Fletcher from co-workers who had graduated from the school. I worked for three years at a business strategy consultancy that regularly hired from Fletcher, and those graduates always seemed to be the most thrilled about their graduate school experience. One of my close friends at work would often tell me about how much fun he had at Fletcher, and how he had a place to stay anywhere in the world thanks to the great Fletcher alumni network. When I began considering graduate school, he was a great resource for learning all the details about Fletcher. I am glad to now have the privilege of introducing the school to other friends and giving them similar advice, and it is likely that one of my current peers will go on to work for my old company.

How Fletcher has broadened my global perspective: Within a few days of starting at Fletcher, the school has broadened my perspective in terms of views on academic and current issues as well as career paths. Immediately upon arrival I met so many fascinating people that amazed me with their diverse and impressive past experiences and future goals. The range of perspectives that the students bring with them from all over the world and all types of occupations makes the environment at Fletcher one that is truly global.  I love whenever a professor asks whether anyone in the room has experience in a certain country or line of work and inevitably, not one, but multiple hands shoot up.  This, along with the wide range of course offerings, has allowed me to think as broadly as possible about my career direction and about the issues we discuss in and out of class.

Favorite blog:


Favorite musician/band:

Pink Floyd

Favorite landmark/site:

Angkor Wat

Favorite issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Post-conflict development

Best place to study:

City of Cambridge library 

Fields of Study

  • Human Security
  • Law and Development

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Development Group
  • International Law Society

Education before Fletcher

  • JD, expected 2013, Harvard Law School
  • BA, Political Science and History, Brown University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Public International Law and Policy Group, Summer Associate - Washington, DC
  • Simon-Kucher & Partners, Senior Consultant - Cambridge, MA


  • Spanish
  • English

Summer Internship

  • International Partnership for Sierra Leone / Sierra Leone Law Reform Commission - Freetown, Sierra Leone