A Fletcher education is designed to be as rigorous as it is flexible. Each course demands significant reading, writing, analysis, and classroom debate. Fletcher's interdisciplinary curriculum provides both the fundamental knowledge and practical skills students need to pursue careers in international relations. The flexibility of the MALD program allows students to design a program suited to their specific academic and professional goals. Fletcher's quantitative offerings are vast, and the program allows students to determine the depth and type of quantitative knowledge desired. While some students choose quantitative coursework as a primary focus, others hone their quantitative skills in the context of another discipline.

Within Fletcher's flexibility, there are both breadth and depth requirements that lend structure and focus to the program. MALD students gain breadth of knowledge through coursework across the school's three divisions, International Law and Organizations; Diplomacy, History and Politics; and Economics and International Business. The breadth requirement enables them to develop a broad foundational knowledge of international affairs.

Students gain depth of knowledge in their chosen area of interest by completing two Fields of Study, which they select from an array of 22 different possible concentrations (as well as the ability to “Self-Design” a specific Field).

MALD Graduation Requirements