Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) - A Two-Year International Affairs Graduate Program

Take Two Years and Transform Yourself

The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy is a graduate school offering a range of professional degrees in international affairs. The two-year Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) is the School’s flagship international affairs degree. While the degree’s name includes its historical “law and diplomacy” origins, the MALD is much more -- it provides an outstanding academic and professional foundation in economics, business, politics, history, and law.

The MALD is academically rigorous, professionally relevant, and truly interdisciplinary. It provides students the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle with world’s most challenging problems. By connecting theory and practice, MALD students transform themselves into well-versed and competent leaders who are able to shape international issues and events across a variety of sectors. The flexibility of the program ensures that students can tailor their education to meet specific personal, academic and/or professional goals. Students learn to understand their own interests and the world using a variety of analytical tools, disciplinary lenses and a wide array of perspectives.

Each year MALD graduates accept challenging positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, as well as with international organizations. Employers around the world value Fletcher’s unique multidisciplinary program, which produces graduates who have practical skills and know how to navigate the increasingly complex and globally integrated world.

World-Renowned Faculty

Playing multiple roles of instructor, mentor, advisor, and colleague, members of the Fletcher faculty are committed educators who are key players in each student’s experience. Internationally respected for their work at the forefront of their fields, Fletcher professors advise presidents and policy makers, write for scholarly and popular journals, and conduct cutting-edge research to advance the understanding of international issues. Their active engagement with the world translates into stimulating classroom discussions, teaching that provides practical and current real-world skills, opportunities for research collaboration, and valuable career support. Their dedication to the School means that students will find them to be accessible sources of guidance – forging relationships that extend well beyond their time in residence at Fletcher.

Hear from Fletcher's Students and Alumni

Learn more about students in all of our degree programs and members of our alumni network by visiting our Student Profiles and Alumni Profiles pages. Vanessa Corlazzoli, F11, chose Fletcher for its international, multicultural student body and faculty, and the inspiring work they are doing all over the world. Read Vanessa's story.


Vanessa Corlazzoli“Fletcher is a wonderful place and I am honored to be associated with it.”
— Vanessa Corlazzoli (F11),
Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager;
Search for Common Ground;
Washington, DC