Yasir Hussain, 2017, Pakistan

Yasir Hussain Prior experience: I hail from the northern areas of Pakistan. I completed my schooling in Gilgit and also went to college there. After completing my college, I moved to Lahore for further studies and got admission in Government College University, Lahore. It’s a British-era college which was later upgraded to a university. One year into my graduation in economics and political science, I tested for selection in the army as an officer and got through. I had to leave my graduation programme midway to join the army. At Pakistan Military Academy, I completed my degree in mathematics and physics. I love travelling and visiting new places. While in the army I got ample opportunities to explore new territories. I visited various parts of Pakistan, from the mountains to the plains of the Punjab, the deserts of Cholistan and Thar and coastal areas of Balochistan and Sindh. I was in the fifth year of military service when a severe earthquake struck Pakistan in October 2005. I was then seconded to a newly established authority for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the earthquake hit areas of Pakistan. I served there for around two years and in the meantime an opportunity came up and I switched careers from military to diplomacy. In the Foreign Service of Pakistan I undertook multiple training courses at home and abroad, and I served as staff officer to the foreign minister. I was posted for three years at Pakistan’s Embassy in Berlin. It’s an exciting career, in my opinion. Currently I am desk officer for Iran and Turkey at the Pakistan Foreign Office. The region is witnessing an “interesting time” and so am I, and am following the developments in the region with added interest. I’m looking forward to my stay at Tufts and meeting so many people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.


  • Urdu
  • English
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