Trish Basile, 2017, United States

Trish Basile Education Background: A.A. in French (DLIFLC, 2010), B.A. in History (Millersville University, 2005), Master 2 in Strategy, Defense, Security and Management of Conflicts and Crises (University of Yaounde-SOA II, 2016)

Prior Experience:I have served as Army officer for the past 11 years, starting out as an intelligence officer and becoming now a Foreign Area Officer. I have worked mostly tactical intelligence positions with a variety of units, from stryker infantry to artillery to aviation, and have deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Most recently I spent a year in Cameroon, attending the International War College in Yaounde (known better by it's French name, Ecole Superieure Internationale de Guerre, ESIG), where I became the first western female graduate. Based out of the US Embassy in Cameroon, I learned about the embassy community and was also able to travel to several other African countries, such as Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Chad, Zambia, and Botswana.

What you hope to achieve through the MA Program: My future job assignments will revolve around US security objectives in sub-Saharan Africa, so I hope to learn more about that region of the world. Beyond that, my objective is to work with fellow students, to exchange knowledge and ideas, and to help bridge the civ-mil divide.

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