Todd Manyx, 2009, United States

On the flexibility of the curriculum: The curriculum’s flexibility is such that you have significant leeway in being able to craft a workload that is suited to your individual interests. The span of classes offered is quite unusual when compared to other programs I have participated in or researched and is one of Fletcher’s most appealing aspects. The degree program’s breadth requirement is an excellent way to help push you from your comfort zone and into areas that prove highly relevant to your areas of interest…usually in ways you never expected.

On collaboration and teamwork: I found the sense of collaboration and teamwork among my classmates to be one of the things I most enjoyed about Fletcher. The desire to work together to share life experiences and perspectives was critical in drawing the maximum benefit from each class. The spectrum of knowledge and diversity you are able to tap into at Fletcher is both inspiring and humbling.

On the international life I see for myself after Fletcher: I am a career military officer with extensive international travel and work experience. I expect that the current world situation will only continue to magnify the importance for professionals with a global perspective and the tools to understand both culture and policy. It is a certainty that I will be putting the skills, experiences, and contacts from Fletcher to use for many years to come as I perform my duties throughout the world.

Fields of Study

  • International Security Studies

Education before Fletcher

  • MA in Nation Security Studies, Naval Postgraduate
  • BA in History, University of Kansas

Experience before Fletcher

  • 23 years in the United States Marine Corps


  • English
  • Spanish