Benjamin Ford, 2009, Australia

EFIC, Senior Economist - Sydney, Australia 

On the flexibility of the curriculum: Fletcher is ideal if you are interested in approaching issues and policy problems from a variety of different perspectives. The curriculum approach is far from the cookie-cutter list of core courses you might find in other international affairs or business programs. While courses are grouped within an overarching theme or concentration, there is considerable flexibility in the final make-up. If you are interested in banking and finance, for example, you'll get the chance to combine courses in corporate finance theory with courses in the political economy of Latin America or Chinese economic history. Likewise, energy buffs will get a chance to debate current issues as well as develop skills in project evaluation and cost benefit analysis, skills which are crucial if you want to be at the forefront of advancing credible policy alternatives.

A quintessential Fletcher moment: Discussing a policy reform of a state-owned enterprise in Mexico and the person sitting next to you in class saying, "I worked on that reform while I was an adviser to the President.....this is how I see it."

Something that surprised me about Fletcher: The lack of time! At Fletcher, there is just so much to squeeze into your week (and weekend!). In addition to coursework and assignments, you often find yourself having to choose between a mind-boggling array of school-related events: guest speakers like Sen. John Kerry; seminars on post-conflict reconstruction; Thursday social hours; employer information sessions; and workshops held by the Office of Career Services.

Fields of Study

  • International Business Relations

    Education before Fletcher

    • MA in Applied Economics, Curtin University
    • MA in International and Development Economics, Australian National 
    • BA, University of Western Australia;

    Experience before Fletcher

    • Export Finance and Insurance Corporation, Senior Economist
    • Australian Treasury, Economist


    • English
    • German

    Thesis Topic

    The Yield Spread As a Predictor of Real GDP