Kana Miyamoto, 2016, Japan

On the MA: Prior to coming to Fletcher, I was working as an Officer at the Embassy of Spain in Japan. As part of a diplomatic mission, I was involved in the development of the bilateral relations between both countries and though the time there was essential for me to acquire important diplomatic skills, I became aware that the Embassy’s scope of interaction was too limited and that my real interest had been to see how the international community came about to tackle global issues through diplomacy. I realized that if I wanted to join this process, I needed to acquire more skills and knowledge. I knew that Fletcher’s mid-career MA program would bring me all that I needed and would allow me to build on my years of experience. The structure of the program was very flexible, and I was attracted to the readiness they gave in allowing the students to choose freely their courses. I would also add that having a small number of students in the MA program lets you have a tight-knit group and although we come from very different fields, you have the chance of meeting people who have the same aspirations, which for me has been very gratifying and inspiring.

On the diversity of the community: Having grown up in Spain where there were not many Asians around, and later going back to Japan with its homogeneous culture, I often thought I was very different from many other people I had met. That impression blew away the moment I arrived at Fletcher. At the residence in Blakeley, I am surrounded by students from many cultural backgrounds and even more, the vibrant community at Fletcher encompasses students and faculty who have worked extensively in many different fields related to international relations. To be able to join the group is just motivating and exceptional.

Favorite movie:

Groundhog Day

Favorite website:

Project Syndicate

Favorite city:

Lima, Peru

Experience when you felt the farthest from home:

Flying over Cappadocia, Turkey in a hot air balloon

Favorite location on campus:

Goddard Chapel

Fields of Study

International Organizations

Education before Fletcher

LLB, Political Science - Keio University

Experience before Fletcher

Officer - Embassy of Spain, Tokyo, Japan

Program Coordinator - Instituto Cervantes de Tokio, Tokyo, Japan