Efthymios Margaritis, 2016, Greece

Efthymios Margaritis, Graduate of The Fletcher School's Masters Program

On Fletcher’s Support for Individuality: I chose Fletcher because it provides a truly unique environment for self-development. I receive sincere respect for and the active support of my individuality, allowing me to build upon my personal skills and tailor the academic program to my own goals and needs. I can work on my weaknesses and enhance my strengths at Fletcher without dealing with the “tunnel-vision” I have encountered in other schools. Fletcher provides each student with considerable personal attention, which prevents a mere mass-production of colorless alumni. As a Greek Army officer, the MA program allows me to complement my security studies with courses on international relations, business, and law. All of these fields, though not strictly military, prove equally important to comprehend the constantly evolving modern environment. The duration of the MA program is also more realistic and applicable to mid-career professionals. I find that a very good balance is established between time and energy invested, as well as knowledge and experiences gained through this program.

Experiencing All That Fletcher Has to Offer: Campus life at Fletcher is to be envied, to say the least. All the facilities are nestled into a small area without ever feeling constrained.  Fletcher achieves a perfect fusion of faculty and students, supports the community, and builds a team spirit – which is hard to find in graduate courses. Classmates do not see themselves as adversaries, but instead are focused on helping one another and supporting anyone that may need assistance. Vibrant cultural events from Asia Night to Fiesta Latina, social hours, and daily seminars and guest speakers have made me gasp for breath, trying to find time to enjoy all of them – a truly pleasant headache to have! Campus life is as much an education as any other class, and Fletcher embraces the opportunity to provide students with all of the experiences possible. I greatly prefer this to spending my entire graduate studies locked up and isolated in some room hunched over a book, not interacting and not experiencing what the world and the people around me have to offer.

Favorite Book:

The Iliad

Favorite food:


Favorite city:


Most pressing world issue:

Moral Decline

Favorite lecture attended:

The Rise of China's Soft Power

Fields of Study

Human Security

International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Activities involved in at Fletcher

MA Professional Panel

Education before Fletcher

Ptychion, Fortifications, Technical School of Military Engineers

BS, Engineering, Hellenic Army Academy

Experience before Fletcher

Battalion Deputy Commander, Hellenic Ministry of Defense, Greece

Logistics Officer, Hellenic Ministry of Defense, Evros, Greece

Operations Officer, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), Kabul, Afghanistan