Mike Girling, United Kingdom

Mike Girling

The Generosity of Spirit in the Fletcher Community: The collaborative and friendly culture of the student body is the aspect of student life that I struggle to accurately depict to friends when telling them about my time here – and yet it is such a crucial element of the Fletcher experience. Everyone looks out for one another, and despite being weighed down by the demands of classes and clubs, people unfailingly take the time to help one another out. Whether it's sitting down for a coffee to share their experiences of working for a particular organization, helping fellow students translate a random document for some research, or something as mundane as getting a  lift to the local supermarket, the Fletcher community is famously and proudly supportive of one another.

On Learning from Fellow Students: With around half of the student body being international students, you would have to work hard not to have your perspective on the world changed by your time at Fletcher. Everyone comes to Fletcher with an amazing story about their past jobs and experiences. If you're doing some research on a particular topic or region, there are not just the books in the library to draw from, but the expertise of your fellow students also.

Favorite Newspaper:

The Economist

Favorite food:

Curries, daals and all things South Asian

Favorite landmark:

The Margalla Hills in Islamabad have to be among the most beautiful backdrops for any capital city

Global issue/problem that brought you to Fletcher:

Countering Violent Extremism

Fletcher alumnus you admire:

Michael Dobbs for writing the genius 'House of Cards'

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher CVE Working Group
  • Gender Taskforce
  • South Asia Society

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Oxford University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Strategic Communications Adviser, UK Foreign Commonwealth Office, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Account Director, Brunswick, London, United Kingdom
  • Press Officer to the Leader, Liberal Democrats, London, United Kingdom


  • Spanish
  • English