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Professor Glennon Weighs in on Legal Ramifications of Possible U.S. Military Action in Syria

Prof. Michael Glennon
Both the White House and Congress are on treacherous turf as lawmakers get ready to vote on whether to mount a military strike against Syria, but many analysts say the executive branch faces the biggest risks—both now and in the future.

Legal experts say the vote on a resolution—which is by no means certain to pass—may set a new precedent for presidential decision-making in future conflicts, and could leave President Obama with no good options in Syria if he does not get the permission he wants...

There also could be legal consequences if Obama acts in defiance of lawmakers. “I do not believe the president would choose to provoke a constitutional crisis by ignoring the will of Congress,” said Michael Glennon, international law professor at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

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