The Truth about Russian Intentions: Op-ed by Anya Zhuravel Segal (F04)

The Jerusalem Post

The very best time to catch up is between candle lighting and dinner on Friday night.

Last Friday the conversation topic between me and my husband during that blessed hour was unorthodox. We were debating under which family name I should publish this article.

Earlier that day, the news of a bill proposed to the Russian parliament came out. It called for treating anti-Russian media reports as treason. According to the bill, journalists that publish “false anti-Russian information, provide information and support to extremist anti-Russian separatist forces, including on events beyond the borders of Russia” will be considered traitors and punished with up to 10 years in prison.

In case you have not heard: Russia invaded Ukraine on February 28, after months of spreading anti- Ukrainian propaganda and weeks of staging subversive activities on Ukrainian territory. It was a carefully planned military operation. We have not yet seen the end of it. I am in touch with friends in Ukraine, who vehemently do not want Russian forces in their country. I fully share their outrage. I am also providing information to you that, without a doubt, can be considered anti-Russian under the proposed law.

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