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Should NATO Respond to Downing of Malaysia Flight 17? NPR Interviews Dean Stavridis

Dean Stavridis The Fletcher School

ARUN RATH, HOST: And for some insight into how the world community might respond, we turn now to retired Admiral James Stavridis. He was NATO Supreme Allied Commander and now serves as Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Welcome to the program.

JAMES STAVRIDIS: Thanks, Arun. Great to be with you.

RATH: So Ukraine is not a NATO member but the Netherlands, which lost nearly 200 citizens in this crash, is a member of NATO. If President Putin doesn't change course, what are NATO's options?

STAVRIDIS: Well, I think NATO has some fairly robust options. And I have to start by simply expressing condolences, particularly to the Dutch. Losing 200 people when your population of your country is around 15 million is a 9/11-level event, on a population-adjusted basis for the United States. In terms of NATO, I think the first and foremost thing is to assist the Ukrainian military.

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