Dean Stavridis Explains Ukraine Crisis in Mashable Op-ed


Dean Stavridis The Fletcher School

Former NATO Commander Explains Ukraine Crisis

Russia has invaded the Crimean region of the sovereign nation of Ukraine with a military force, many of whom are not wearing appropriate military insignia, that numbers more than 15,000.

Ukraine is divided between a Ukrainian-speaking majority and a significant minority of Russian speakers. There are deep historical ties between Ukraine and Russia going back centuries, and the linkages are particularly strong in the small peninsula of Crimea, which is home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet — one-fourth of the entire Russian Navy. The ships and sailors reside in the area under a long-term lease between Russia and Crimea.

The justification for the invasion, as Russian President Vladimir Putin laid out on Tuesday, is to protect Russian citizens in Crimea, ensure the safety of the Black Sea Fleet, protect the Russian-speaking minority of the country and stabilize the political situation.

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