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Dialogue with Yang Rui: North Korea-US 2nd Meeting? Prof. Lee Speaks with CGTN

Through an ongoing set of midterm elections and amidst the political undercurrents in the White House as an anonymous op-ed is published in the New York Times claiming to be part of a secretive group trying to steer President Trump, a letter from the DPRK's Kim Jong-un has arrived at the White House to raise Donald Trump's spirits. 

But will the second meeting happen considering the efforts to scuttle the first one? Has enough progress been made by both the U.S. and the DPRK for such a meeting to be justifiable? And if so, is it feasible that it could occur at the White House. 

Prof. Sung Yoon Lee joins CGTN's Dialogue with Yang Rui to discuss. 

Watch Here (Prof. Lee joins around minute 14)