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Why Does it Take a Hurricane to Bring Out the Best in Leaders?: Murrow Center Fellow, Adam Goodman Writes for The Tampa Bay Times

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … the age of wisdom … the age of foolishness … the season of Light … the season of Darkness … we had everything before us …" — Charles Dickens

As Hurricane Irma threatened to beat the dickens out of Florida after churning a deadly path through our Caribbean friends to the south, many of us experienced a true Charles Dickens moment of enlightenment.

The visual horror of Irma was all-consuming. It was conveyed through 24/7 news coverage, National Hurricane Center updates and in splashes of moving color on weather maps projecting the shifting path of nature's hardest punch.

Where will it hit? Whom will it hurt? Will we survive this?

What happened next was inspirational.

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