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Azerbaijan Touts Itself as Alternative to Russian Energy as Ukraine Crisis Deepens: Amb. Elin Suleymanov (F04) Weighs In

America has a pint-sized ally that's working on a solution for easing tensions with Russia in coming years.

Azerbaijan, a country on the Caspian Sea with legendary oil wealth, is building a natural gas pipeline to feed the riches of the Baku oil field to Europe in a move that will make other American allies less dependent on Russian supplies and more free to counter Russian territorial aims.

The biggest pipelines supplying natural gas to Europe run from Russia through Ukraine and could be disrupted by war. That has hamstrung some European politicians who want to curb Russian aggression but keep Russian energy supplies flowing.

Azerbaijan's ambassador to the U.S., Elin Suleymanov, talked about oil, the Ukraine crisis and his country's lingering issues with neighbor Armenia during a Tuesday visit to the Air Force Academy.

"People say the Crimea is unprecedented, we say that's not true," Suleymanov said while detailing his country's often tempestuous relations with neighbors.

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