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Experts Weigh Implications of Gerry Adams Arrest: Prof. Hannum Comments

As Northern Ireland police detectives interrogated Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams for a second day yesterday over the unsolved slaying of the 37-year-old widowed mother of 10 falsely branded a British spy, Boston-area participants and observers in the peace process said they suspect an effort to undo the Good Friday accords but doubt that it will be successful…

….Professor Hurst Hannum of Tufts University’s Fletcher School said he doesn’t believe the case against Adams is strong.

“These accusations are based on very old statements from people who are now dead, and they are probably not going to be very persuasive if used in a court of law,” Hannum said. “Gerry Adams, like everyone else, deserves to be presumed innocent.”

But he added, “There’s plenty of blood to go around. Adams’ connection to the IRA is well-known ... the question is now, what the political impact is, and what will happen as part of the normal criminal process winding its way through the courts.”

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