Jekaterina Weiner, 2014

Jekaterina was born as a member of a Russian community in Lithuania. When she was 10 years old her family moved to Germany where she went to school in Hamburg and studied law.

Jekaterina graduated from the University of Hamburg with Baccalaurea Juris and Magistra Juris degrees. She then was in the top 5% of those who took the First State Exam.

She has always been very interested in international legal issues. She completed internships in Lithuania with the Director of Public Prosecutions, with a law office as well as with the German embassy in Russia. During her studies in Hamburg, she had worked as a student assistant for CMS Hasche Sigle, one of the largest German law firms specialized in commercial law. After graduation, she was a legal assistant for the Luther Lawfirm in London.

For two years, she was a member of the board of a student association which encourages contact between the Faculty of Law in Hamburg and the society at large, and alumni in particular.

She was always engaged in helping people. During her high school education she represented the interests of her classmates and was elected as class president and as head girl of the school for many times. She tried to improve school life environment, organized meetings and helped smaller students by tutoring. Because of her social engagement, she received a prize from the headmaster of her school. Later, she engaged in a social project by supporting school integration of young immigrants. For this, she was awarded a prize by the education authority. She was also awarded several prizes for her language and sporting skills (Basketball).

Jekaterina is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of International Law and Diplomacy at Fletcher. She is particularly interested in International Human Rights Law, International Organizations and Public International Law. Post-Fletcher, she aspires to pursue a career in an international organization.


  • German
  • Russian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Lithuanian