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US Must Crack Down on Flow of Money to North Korea; Prof. Lee Speaks with the Montgomery Advertiser

North Korean nuclear weapons are now “a credible threat” to the U.S. mainland, an expert said Thursday, and the nation won’t stop escalating — no matter what it says at the bargaining table — until the U.S. gets tough with sanction violators.

“We have (sanction) laws that are not really enforced,” said Korea relations expert Sung-Yoon Lee. “Like domestic law enforcement, sanction enforcement takes a lot of time and effort. There’s a lot more we can do.”

Lee, a Seoul-born Tufts University professor at the Fletcher School, cited the Obama administration’s crackdown on a France bank that was found to be in violation of Iran sanctions, resulting in an $8.9 billion fine.

“That kind of tough sanctions enforcement has yet to be tried against North Korea and North Korea’s many Chinese partners, including some of the biggest banks in the world,” he said. “Money really talks.”

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