Curricular Options for Fletcher LL.M. Students

The LL.M. Program is one full academic year. Four courses each semester are required for the LL.M. degree. No fewer than five and a maximum of six courses must be taken within the International Law and Organizations (ILO) division. At least one of the eight courses must be from the Diplomacy, History, and Politics (DHP) division, and at least one course must be chosen from the Economics and International Business (EIB) division.

LL.M. students may also cross-register at Harvard Law School, normally for no more than one course per academic year. Students must complete a Capstone Project (see page 20 in Student Handbook), which is to be determined in consultation with and supervised by a member of the law faculty; Native English-speakers also must demonstrate proficiency in a second language.

Given the wide range of professional experience and interests with which our students arrive at Fletcher, we believe that it is inappropriate to require that students take any specific course or courses. Students determine their own curriculum, in consultation with their faculty advisors (and within the parameters outlined above).


Model Curricular Options
Public International Law

- The International Legal Order (ILO L200)

- Public International Law (ILO L201)

- International Human Rights Law (ILO L210)

- International Organizations (ILO L220)

- Foreign Relations and National Security Law (ILO L262)

- International Environmental Law (ILO L233)

- Diplomacy: History, Theory and Practice (DHP H200)

International Business Law

- International Business Transactions (ILO L230)

- Corporate Governance in International Business and Finance (ILO L239M)

- International Financial and Fiscal Law (ILO L233)

-Mergers and Acquisitions: An International Perspective (ILO L237)

-International Investment Law (ILO L232)

- Foundations in Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance (EIB B200)

International Economic Law


- Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade (ILO L240)

- International Business Transactions (ILO L230)

- International Investment Law (ILO L232)

 - Law and Development (ILO L250)

- Introduction to Microeconomics (EIB E211)

- International Trade and Investment (EIB E220)

Human Rights Law and International Justice


- International Human Rights Law (ILO L210

- International Humanitarian Law (ILO L216)

 - Current Issues in Human Rights (ILO L211)  

- International Criminal Justice (ILO L213)

- Transitional Justice (ILO L214) 

- Peace Operations (ILO L224) 

- International Humanitarian Response (DHP D213)

- Humanitarian Action in Complex Emergencies (DHP D230)