Rie Niida, Japan

Rie Niida is a government official at Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the Government of Japan. At MOJ, Rie has worked in several positions including the Legal Affairs Division of the Immigration Bureau, where she was involved in the amendment process of the Immigration Control Act. She also served as a governmental delegate at the 2014 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Geneva where she presented during the review session of Japan’s Sixth State Report. Prior to joining MOJ, Rie received her Bachelor of Laws from Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan.

A formative moment in Rie’s work on immigration was the opportunity to participate in launching a research project on the permanent residency legislation of nine other countries, including the U.S. This research has greatly contributed to several Immigration Control Act amendments, and also consolidated her conviction in the need to upgrade Japan’s immigration policies for the inevitably forthcoming social diversification.

At Fletcher, Rie is interested in exploring the international law of economic migration and immigrants’ rights, especially in the context of creating the best possible permanent residency system in Japan.


  • Japanese, English, Chinese, French