Liz Schéré, France

 Liz Schéré is a French and Canadian citizen who has lived in both Boston and France. She studied law in Paris at L’Université Paris-II Assas, where she also completed a diploma in English Common Law taught by Oxford professors. After her French and English law studies, Liz completed an L.L.M. in American Law at Boston University, where her main focus was Intellectual Property Law. Notably, Copyright and Trademark law.

Professionally, Liz has worked for both profit and the non-profit sector. In France, she worked for the law firm Deslierres & Associates where she was responsible for translating and overseeing the publication of a French business law manual for U.K. Investors. After her year at B.U., Liz spent a year working at the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping local artists with their legal issues and promoting the Arts in local government. Whilte at the Arts and Business Council, in addition to drafting licensing contracts, Liz developed tutorials and guides for the following topics: copyright termination laws, contract negotiation for artists, music licensing, and copyright assets in estate planning.

Liz’s practical training has been supplemented by a more theoretical, academic, approach through her internship with the Honorable Justice Cordy at the Massachusetts Supreme Court. While at the courthouse, Liz learned a great deal by drafting legal memos and court decisions on various constitutional issues, and found fascinating to balance the intricacies of constitutional and legislative history.

Liz is interested in having a global and comparative perspective on the issues she holds dear, such as the promotion of culture. Her personal interests include writing, editing, and as mentioned, the arts. She also highly enjoys l’art de la table (it is the French in her) and will never say no to a good meal and good wine.  And last but not least, Liz is an avid skiier.


  • French, English