Camilo Barrera, Colombia and Chile

Camilo received his law degree form Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, and later attended to Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, where he earned the title of Constitutional Law Specialist.

Before attending Fletcher, Camilo worked in Colombia for the Human Rights Presidential Program, and for Fundación Social, where he worked to promote human rights both nationally and locally. Camilo has also worked as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program and Fundación Ideas Para La Paz where he has been part of projects designed to establish possible roles of different groups -which include armed conflict victims and private industry representatives- in peace buildings efforts, both in conflict and possible post conflict scenarios.

Camilo has also volunteered for Civisol - Foundation for Systemic Change- where he has worked to vindicate the rights of vulnerable or traditionally excluded groups, including informal waste pickers.

Camilo’s academic research focuses on armed conflict victims and the rights of other vulnerable groups. He has done research for non-governmental organizations such as Universidad de los Andes, private think tanks such as RRA Law and Innovation, and governmental institutions such as Colciencias- Colombia’s Science and Innovation Agency.

His main academic interest while at Fletcher is to study the interaction between peacebuilding and Human Rights in situations such as one that Colombia is currently facing.


  • Spanish, English